FOR Excellence

About Monticello

Monticello Associates is an independent investment consulting firm with a singular focus: providing highly specialized, non-discretionary investment advisory services to prominent foundations, endowments and family offices.

Founded in 1992, Monticello has remained steadfast in its dedication to helping each client achieve its unique long-term objectives as a truly thoughtful partner. By intertwining a deep research-driven approach with an extensive network of exceptional investment managers, Monticello provides its clients with a full-service platform that is designed to produce optimal outcomes in asset allocation and manager sourcing.

As one of the country’s premier investment consulting firms, Monticello Associates has remained 100% employee-owned with a consistent, stable and exceptional team of consultants dedicated to partnering with prominent foundations, endowments and family offices in the United States.

Stable, Resilient Principles Uphold Our Culture of Excellence

Independent Thought

With only one focus and one business, we have remained completely independent since inception. We have no ties to any brokerage firm, investment management firm, or any other provider of financial services.

Our unique structure has supported our clients across various market cycles with complete integrity throughout all aspects of the process.

Long-Term Partnerships

Since our founding, we have worked diligently to be our clients’ consistent, trusted partner as they pursue their long-term objectives.

We develop long-term partnerships with our clients through trust, transparency and regular engagement.

Sound Judgment

We are at our core a passionate, research driven investment advisor that provides highly specialized services.

With deep expertise and extensive experience working across the investment management industry, we offer sound judgment that can help our clients see with crystal clarity.

Our Focus

Foundations and Endowments
Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals