to Investment

Singular Focus, Meticulously
Crafted and Maintained

We solely focus on providing highly specialized, non-discretionary investment advisory services to prominent foundations, endowments and family offices in the middle market.

We are not in the business of asset aggregation. Rather, we selectively seek clients that mutually align with our long-term investment philosophy. By maintaining our singular focus, we have established a national clientele of sophisticated, serious and prestigious investors.

We developed these resilient and successful long-term partnerships from personal referrals. Instead of a dedicated marketing effort, we allow our relationships and success to convey our excellence. With an unwavering commitment, we fully intend to maintain this structure and approach to investment consulting.

Comprehensive Research,
Directly Led by Highly
Respected Senior Consultants

Our structure and approach enable us to avoid the fragmentation of knowledge that often hinders the investment consulting industry.

We are led by a seasoned, experienced team of senior consultants who have worked closely together for many years. Unique to this industry, each of our client partnerships is directly managed by a senior consultant that also drives the research process.

Our approach is intense, rigorous and comprehensive, with senior consultants dedicating considerable time to evaluating and interacting face-to-face with investment managers. The investment manager underwriting process includes a quantitative review of a manager’s historical performance as well as a qualitative analysis of a manager’s structure, team and overall investment approach. Through this process, our highly respected senior advisors identify differentiated and compelling opportunities across the investment management industry.

Extensive Industry Network,
Augmented by Over Three
Decades of Knowledge

One of the most important advantages we offer is a deep industry knowledge of established and promising investment managers across asset classes.

Our team’s refined ability to identify and maintain investment capacity with the nation’s premier managers is critical to the success of client partnerships.

We have created a vibrant sourcing network for new opportunities by effectively and efficiently underwriting managers. Our reputation compels new and exciting managers to actively seek us out. This purposefully crafted networking and sourcing provide our clients with opportunities to invest in elite managers that are often difficult to access.

Highly Specialized Services
for Truly Special Clients

We deeply understand each client’s unique objectives and circumstances, providing highly specialized services to ensure their investment programs are optimally positioned to achieve long-term goals.

Our considered approach is differentiated from others by how we qualitatively review the information we collect and the judgment we utilize in making client recommendations.

We offer a variety of non-discretionary investment services, including developing investment policies and objectives, analyzing asset allocation and diversification, researching investment managers for client selection, providing due diligence and performance monitoring of managers, supplying periodic performance reports and customized education.